SuperiorCoin Analysis, Hacked: Hacking Finance

Are wij dealing with ijdel developers, or a good project? That’s what we’ll have to investigate with SuperiorCoin. There are a lotsbestemming of coins out there, and for one to keuze superiority is obviously a boost to be looked at with careful speculation – what exactly are you attempting to say, now?

The reserve currency of choice for ideas, services and collaboration. Read More

Monero: The cryptic te crypto – Brian D

What is cryptojacking?

“Private Digital Currency” designed for blockchain obfuscation.

Spil of this writing (July 7th, 2017) Monero wasgoed the 9th largest cryptocurrency by market cap at USD $668,237,283. This wasgoed omschrijving to 265,532 BTC or Two,718,157 ETH. Monero wasgoed priced at USD $45.32 vanaf coin with a circulating supply of 14,745,158 XMR. Read More

Electrum Trio

Last week Electrum Trio.0 wasgoed released. The fresh version of the most popular Bitcoin wallet does not just support SegWit, but also uses the fresh address format Bech32.

Electrum Trio.0 could be one of the most interesting upgrades of the popular wallet. It does not just migrate from Python3 to Qt5, but also supports SegWit spil the very first wallet with the native SegWit address format Bech32. Read More

Bitcoin Forum

General discussion about the Bitcoin ecosystem that doesn’t gezond better elsewhere. News, the Bitcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Bitcoin-related services usually belongs te other sections.

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Technical discussion about Satoshi’s Bitcoin client and the Bitcoin network ter general. Read More

OpenAlias – Simplifying the World

Admittedly, the centralised nature of domain names leaves much to be desired. However, by leveraging existing infrastructure it gives users access to a system that is already familiar to them.

Secure Aliasing

By leveraging DNSSEC wij are able to prevent MITM-style attacks on an schuilnaam. Spil with HTTPS, users are able to choose to operate ter a less secure style if they are willing to accept the risks. Read More

Electrum seed word list for monero! official electrum wordlist (english): why? Monero Stack Exchange

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electrum seed word list for monero != official electrum wordlist (english): why?

even if only the very first three characters are significant/considered, the english wordlists differ fairly a bit, te terms of population(2048 words vs 1626) spil well spil content(other language versions most likely do too?). Read More