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USI-TECH Mining update 11-16-2017

USI-TECH is aggressively investing te cryptocurrency mining. Wij have secured almost $100 million USD ter contracts for ASIC and GPU mining hardware, with strategic locations te Asia, Europe, and Iceland chosen for power and proximity to technology playmates. With a total deployment planned by the end of 2017, USI-TECH s ASIC miners will account for almost 1% of the GLOBAL Bitcoin hash rate. Read More

What is an Altcoin?

Litecoin is the thickest Altcoin

Even if they do not accurately understand how it works, most people are at least somewhat familiar with Bitcoin. However, once they start to get involved with cryptocurrency, they may be astonished to learn that there are actually hundreds of types of cryptocurrencies known spil altcoins. Read More

Monero explorer

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Presently available Monero blockchain explorers have several limitations which are of special importance to privacy-oriented users:

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Monero, lade monnaie – lectronique qui se r – ve plusteken compl – ment indispensable du bitcoin

Anonyme et intraç,able, le monero est gé,ré, par un groupe d&rsquo,utilisateurs qui plus ont repris le contrô,le à, son inventeur.

Plus août, AlphaBay, un grand webpagina den vente den drogue, d’armes et den fausses cartes den crédit sur le Darknet – cet ensemble den sites cachés et accessibles uniquement avec le navigateur Tor –, annonce qu’il va accepter onderricht paiements plus moneros, une cryptomonnaie confidentielle créée plusteken 2014. Read More

Monero Keepkey – The Affluence Network – Fixing the Financial Shortfall

Thank you for coming to us ter looking for “Monero Keepkey” online. Here is the coolest thing about cryptocurrencies, they usually do not physically exist anywhere, not even on a hard drive. When you examine a specific address for a wallet containing a cryptocurrency, there’s no digital information held te it, like ter the same manner that the bankgebouw could hold dollars ter a bankgebouw account. Read More