Monero Pool (XMR)


Stratum Ports

Windows Nvidia GPU Mining

  • The following step requires the 7zip archiver which can be downloaded from here
  • Download ccminer from here. Make sure to select the onberispelijk version for your hardware and Operating System (32-Bit or 64-Bit) – when ter doubt choose 32-Bit
  • Samenvatting the archive and open ccminer.conf te a text-editor of your choice
  • Substitute the contents of the verkeersopstopping with:
  • Substitute YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS with your monero wallet address. If you don’t know your address, read this section very first
  • To mine directly to an exchange you need append your paymentId to your address separated by a hash sign. Example: <,WALLET ADDRESS>, # <,PAYMENT_ID>, . Be advised that the payout threshold is much higher for payouts to exchanges due to the significantly enhanced transaction fees.
  • If you are mining on numerous machines/equipments, you can append an identifier of your choice to your wallet address seperated by a dot to make it lighter to distinguish inbetween your equipments when evaluating your results. Example: <,WALLET ADDRESS>, # <,OPTIONAL PAYMENT_ID>, . <,OPTIONAL WORKERNAME>,
  • Save the verkeersopstopping
  • Embark ccminer.exe or ccminer-x64.exe

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Paris France Currency Exchange Rate Converter

Use the currency converter below to calculate the current exchange rate for the city of Paris. The currency used te Paris is the Euro. Paris is the capital of France.

If you are traveling to Paris, you will need to exchange your currency for the French Euro. You may exchange your money for the Euro at most Paris banks or at specialized stores called Foreign Exchange Bureaus. Read More

XBT – Bitcoin rates, news, and implements

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Uittocht wallet review 2017, Features – fees

There’s a loterijlot of hype surrounding bitcoin wallet newcomer Leegloop. A versatile vormgeving and multi-currency features suggest the fresh kid on the block is here to stay.

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Manila, Philippine 4D

Seperti apa sih Manila?

Itu yang ada di benak saya ketika memutuskan ingin mengunjungi Filipina. Sebelumnya pernah menginjakkan kaki disana tapi hanya sekedar transit beberapa jam waktu mau liburan ke Beijing. Dari beberapa teman Filipina, mereka memberi masukan lebih baik ke Boracay, Palawan atau tujuan pariwisata kepulauan lainnya. Read More