Monero price

Monero is building a big symmetrical triangle. Wij’ve just had a bullish cross on the MACD, Stoch is oversold, a volume sustained. Waiting on a Chikou span cross, RSI above 50, and close above trigger to confirm another bull run. PM mij for entries, targets, and custom-built charts.

The MONERO crypto is te upward trend obeying the LTA. Read More

Best Bitcoin Wallets for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Last updated on July 26th, 2017 at 09:39 am

Ter the past month I’ve bot covering the best possible Bitcoin wallets of each type (Android, desktop and hardware). For the final postbode ter this series I’d like to review the Bitcoin wallets available for iOS. Five years ago, your choices for bitcoin wallets wasgoed more limited, but te 2017 there are so many options that it can be staggering at times. Read More

Ethereum Infochain: Top Five Monero Mining facts


Top Five Monero Mining facts

Monero XMR is a virtual currency more private and anonymous than Bitcoin, born ter 2014 from the fork of Bytecoin BCN . Monero after the bifurcation from Bytecoin, the developers undertook to improve their original code and integrate the CryptoNight algorithm for mining, where the order of transactions is voted on, fresh features te the protocol and the fair distribution of money. Read More

Electrum Trio

Last week Electrum Trio.0 wasgoed released. The fresh version of the most popular Bitcoin wallet does not just support SegWit, but also uses the fresh address format Bech32.

Electrum Trio.0 could be one of the most interesting upgrades of the popular wallet. It does not just migrate from Python3 to Qt5, but also supports SegWit spil the very first wallet with the native SegWit address format Bech32. Read More

Electrum seed word list for monero! official electrum wordlist (english): why? Monero Stack Exchange

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electrum seed word list for monero != official electrum wordlist (english): why?

even if only the very first three characters are significant/considered, the english wordlists differ fairly a bit, te terms of population(2048 words vs 1626) spil well spil content(other language versions most likely do too?). Read More

Linux Users Urged to Update spil a Fresh Threat Exploits SambaCry – TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog

by Mohamad Mokbel, Tim Yeh, Brian Cayanan

A seven-year old vulnerability ter Samba—an open-source implementation of the SMB protocol used by Windows for verkeersopstopping and printer sharing—was patched last May but proceeds to be exploited. According to a security advisory released by the company, the vulnerability permits a malicious actor to upload a collective library to a writable share, causing the server to geyser and execute it. Read More