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This is a guide to obtain your own Monero spil of 20150919. This is perhaps the easiest way to purchase and hold Monero.

Step 1: Buy bitcoin

There are many ways to buy bitcoin. Perhaps the easiest way is through Once you have purchased some bitcoin, you are ready to buy some Monero! Buying bitcoin is straightforward. Please goto and just go after the instuctions there.

Step Two: Set up a account is an online wallet for Monero, maintained by Monero Core Developer Riccardo Spagni (fluffpony). It is the easiest wallet to use. Simply goto and click on the “Create an Account” button.

After clicking the button, you will see your private key. This key is what gives you access to your funds. Never share this key with anyone!

WRITE DOWN THIS KEY Instantaneously!

Type ter your private key te the opbergruimte below, and click the button.

On the next pagina, you will see your address.

Copy your address to the clipboard by highlighting the entire thing and hitting ctrl+c (or edit spijskaart, copy), or clicking the little icon next to your address. Save your address somewhere. This is how others will send Monero to you, and what you will use to deposit Monero into your account!

Step Three: Buy monero and transfer the monero to your fresh address

Go to . On the righthand side, of the screen, click icon under “Receive” to select Monero.

Paste your address into the field under the Monero logo. Select the “agree to terms” button, then succesnummer “Embark”

Te the fresh screen that pops up, copy the Deposit Address into your clipboard (select and kasstuk ctrl+c or edit-copy)

Go back to your pagina, succesnummer the “transfer” button, and paste the bitcoin address into the field Inject the amount of bitcoin you would like to spend.

You will get a text message verificaiton code. Come in code and kasstuk send.

You will see the shapeshift switch to “awaiting exchange”

Then it will switch to Accomplish!

After a while you will see it ter your Monero account

This guide is pretty outdated. There have since bot fresh developments where you don’t need to go through bitcoin anymore to buy Monero.

The easiest way to buy Monero now is:

  1. Go to LocalMonero
  2. Register (no email required)
  3. Find a trader for your desired payment method
  4. Finish the trade
  5. Withdraw from LocalMonero

Swifter and lighter than the method described ter this guide.

Could one use a locally installed wallet instead of a web-based wallet? oO Ter fact, I’m still a bit confused about the actual transaction process, when converting through ShapeShift for example, does your wallet need to be open at the uur of transaction? (I’m guessing not, spil it should find the transaction on the blockstream itself?) Someone onberispelijk mij if I’m wrong te my understanding ?

I would recommend to be careful while using a webwallet. Ledger said the monero support for HW wallets wasgoed te progress. Can’t wait.

Circle no longer provides a service to purchase Bitcoin so here’s what I know spil the current easiest method,

1) Buy Bitcoin at

Two) Download the paper wallet generator at: and copy it to a USB stick. Run the paper wallet generator on an air-gapped pc that hasn’t bot used before or has had a clean installation of the OS. Backup and encrypt the paper wallet on numerous USB wedges, or print it, and store them securely te numerous locations. If you lose access to your paper wallet the funds will not be available to you and you wont be able to recover them.

Trio) Use to convert your Bitcoin into Monero. You will need the Public Address from your Monero paper wallet and a receive address from (for refunds te case theres a problem with the Shapeshift transaction). will generate a trade where you send a specific amount of bitcoin from Coinbase to a Bitcoin address they control. Shapeshift will then then send Monero to your paper wallet.

You now have a Monero paper wallet with funds ter it.

To verify the funds are actually te your Monero cold wallet without making them hot, takes a loterijlot of work and is a relatively ingewikkeld process. I wont go into it here, except to describe how to geyser the cold wallet funds into a hot wallet spil goes after:

An effortless way to use the funds from the paper wallet is via the Monero GUI client. If you already have a wallet open, go to Settings->Advanced and click “Close Wallet”. Choose your Language and then pick the “Restore wallet from 25 word mnemonic seed” option. Come in the 25 word seed when prompted AND also come in a Restore Height of “1260000”.

Notes: If you dont come in a restore height the Monero client will spend hours or days scanning the entire blockchain to find your cold wallet transactions and hence permit you to spend your Monero. The “restore height” pof 1260000 skips scanning the very first 1.26 million blocks of the Monero blockchain, which spil of now, have already bot generated — your paper wallet transactions will come after those blocks so there’s no point scanning them all.

Once they are te a hot wallet, that means they are (more) vulnerable to being stolen or accidently spent, etc.

Nice tutorial, I think this is the easiest way right now, until there’s a XMR fiat exchange. Or a XMR circle like.

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