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Monero is building a big symmetrical triangle. Wij’ve just had a bullish cross on the MACD, Stoch is oversold, a volume sustained. Waiting on a Chikou span cross, RSI above 50, and close above trigger to confirm another bull run. PM mij for entries, targets, and custom-built charts.

The MONERO crypto is te upward trend obeying the LTA. Go on it will work!

Hiding monies, doing illegal stuff, voorkant up identity etc is something a signifcant amount of people wants to do. And what is the best financial implement to do so? That old pony Monero! Fundamental Maybe Monero isnt the best financial instrument? There is a loterijlot more anonymous coins out there, Zcash and Dash for example. Tho’ it’s not Dash’s selling point anymore, it .

Might be a violated upscending triangle?

MONERO – BITCOIN (XMRBTC) On chart wij can see: Triangle Elliot Flaps. I will join after breakout of Triangle. Long position targets on the chart.

PRICE Act: Monero has had a nice run since hitting a low around 80 ter early November. It slok back up to those old August highs around 150 and broke out without much difficulty with a strong bullish candle on high volume on November 22. When price cracks out to fresh highs, wij like to see a restest of that pauze out level. If price falls back to those levels .

While I’m being fairly conservative with Monero’s forecast, for now it’s behaving that way. With the difference that a few days ago he broke a very strong resistance that came from the past and became the XMR that wij all want. From a healthy behavior, I continued ter bull trend and according to my point of view XMR should be worth much more. Thanks spil always to .

I see two paths ter the LONG TERM for Aeon. My other chart here: has some more information on this.

I’m holding long positions spil vanaf my previous publications’ updates. Added recently, and now waiting to add once wij have a fresh brief term buy signal. For now, looks like wij could consolidate for a few days before marching higher. $XMR is ter a very strong trend too, both offerande a good chance for investors, specially if you railed the rally ter $BTC, and want to .

Monero looking so strong bullish. When BTC have local correction XMR didnt budge down(spil others alts). Price above all Mama’s, brokeout F-fractal fight back. zone Use Fibo ext lvls spil trgts: (180-190$, 220-230$)

For all of us who followed this coin, after an inverse of head and shoulder pattern, XMR achieved a strong boost driven because that currency had bot included te a Korean stock exchange. Then it entered into a downstream channel and culminated te a consolidation channel for 50 days. Thesis last two days there were upward movements, calling attention for being .

A picture is worth a thousand moneroj. According to this chart Monero has an upside target of 0.2btc or so. Wouldn’t be bad for a coin that is considered ",niche", is its reach.

XMR – High &, Taut Flag – observe for breakout up or down

Watching this triangle pattern on monero here! Strong bullish movement on the USDT chart and making a 5th wave Thinking wij will see a pretty parabolic breakout of this triangle with upside to previous resistance levels Hope you love my TA! a little different looking than normal because I had to use the bitcoin pair for margin trading purposes

Sketch of an idea.

Wij have another bullish altcoin! Are wij about to see an infamous Monero structural bull wave? Then wij need a spel project, spil gains or losses inbetween support zones are te the area of Ten to 20%! Spil of writing, XMR is te consolidation and could breakout above $120, followed by $140. A pauze of the all-time high of $155 is a BIG buy signal for a Minteken TP of $212 and a .

The Bitcoin Flaw: Monero Rising By Izzy Otomakan I recognize the irony that slightly a few months after I collective The Power of Money: A Case for Bitcoin I am now releasing this chunk – critical of Bitcoin. I wrote TPOM largely because I wasgoed fed up with people and institutions claiming Bitcoin .

BITFINEX:XMRUSD remains bullish spil wij expected and projected te previous update (Check Related Idea). So, Monero succesnummer fresh all-time highs and seems like it’s not going to zekering yet! Wij expect further rally towards 170 and 190 levels for wave (",III",), where bulls could slow down into correction of wave (",IV",). So wij assume that 5-five-wave rally since September 15th .

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