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Bitcoin Contant Pulls Back spil Developers Project to Increase Block Size Again

Bitcoin contant (BCH) declined sharply on Wednesday, spil the market pulled back from large gains earlier ter the week. The.

Analysis: The Last Hurray te Bitcoin Before the Hangover?

The cryptocurrency market might have experienced a classic blow-off top today, with the help of the historic rally te Bitcoin.

Technical Analysis: Crypto-Surge Resumes with ETC, Monero, and Ripple Leading the Charge

The historic rally te the cryptocurrency reached even higher today, with Bitcoin getting even closer to the $Ten,000 mark and.

Trade Recommendations

Trade Recommendation: Crude Oil

The trading idea is based on a bearish divergence which gives us a trend reversal signal. The price bounces from.

Trade Recommendation: EURUSD

The price bounced from the support zone formed by the uptrend line, SMA50 and 1.18500 support level. RSI confirmed price.

Trade Recommendation: ZCoin

The trading idea is based on a breakout above the downtrend line with further continuation of the uptrend. RSI is.


Lisk Loses Some of Its Luster, but Outlook Still Bright

Lisk cryptocurrency has calmly waterput together a stellar month, with prices loving bitcoin-level growth plus route to fresh highs. The.

Bitcoin Crosses $Ten,000 for the Very first Time Everzwijn

Pauze out the champagne bottles because bitcoin just klapper five-figures for the very first time everzwijn even spil bubble concerns multiply.

Technical Analysis: Substratum (SUB) – Run, Bull…, Run

The Substratum 4-hour chart looks incredible right now. Substratum seems to be on a Bullish Measured Stir. This essentially means.

ICO Analysis

ICO Analysis: Dfantasy

There are billions of sports fanatics and gambling maniacs spread out across the world. The majority of them have no.

ICO Update: Trendercoin

The continent of Africa has bot conceptualized spil the final frontier of global development. A thriving population, enhanced internet invasion.

ICO​ ​Analysis:​ ​McAfee​ ​Coin

According to many blockchain enthusiasts, the modern venture capital system is inherently flawed and cracked. With this ter mind, McAfee.

Stock Picks

Penny Stocks Fight Ter November, Creating Chance For Gains

Penny stocks weakened beginning ter October, with market players focusing on tax cut legislation hoping to boost blue-chip earnings ter.

Trade Recommendation: Buy COF and KMX Based On Breakout Potential

The S&,P 500 Index (SPX) soared by 25.62 points yesterday on good volume, the most since it gapped up back.

Trade Recommendation: Buy CA and COG Based on Multi-Year Reversals

The S&,P 500 Index (SPX) proceeds to stay above Two,600 on below average volume. It shows up that many usual market.

Market Overview

What an Awesome Sell Off

Well, it ultimately happened. Bitcoin witnessed a massive retracement of Eighteen.76% from the fresh all-time high of $11,346. The freefall.

Investing ter Weed and Five U.S. States Angling to Pass Marijuana Legislation: Insights from Ganja Guru Serge Chistov

The marijuana industry is quickly shaping up to be one of the most lucrative investment opportunities of the modern era.

Asian Market Update – Thursday: Massive gains ter cryptocurrencies, Asian stocks te crimson

The record bull run is not ending yet. After a historic run on Wednesday that brought both bitcoin, ethereum and.

More News

Nasdaq Comes in the Wedloop for Bitcoin Futures

Nasdaq Inc. has announced plans to introduce bitcoin futures te the near term, a sign that the the cryptocurrency arms wedloop wasgoed intensifying among major exchanges.

Clearing the Money Hurdle

Bitcoin has blasted through the $Ten,000 barrier te record time and is now nearing $11,000 at a rapid rhythm, possibly even by the time you read.

Is Bitcoin a Currency or a Commodity?

Bitcoin has quickly asserted itself spil an alternative asset deserving of our attention, but if you’re a stickler for details, the real debate is whether it.

Asian Market Update – Wednesday: Bitcoin blasts through record $10k, still aiming higher, Asian stocks mixed on North Korea

The sky shows up to be the limit for bitcoin. The largest news ter the cryptocurrencies world or the global financial markets today is bitcoin, the fresh.

U.S. Stocks Score Record Highs spil Senate Support for Tax Reform Builds

Stocks soared to record highs on Tuesday spil the U.S. Senate took a necessary step to passing legislation aimed at re-writing the tax code. Wall Street.

Trade Recommendation: USDJPY

The trading idea is based on a bullish divergence which gives us a trend reversal signal. The price bounced from 111.00 support level. RSI confirms price.

Will There be a Powell Fight?

Spil the world’s very first and beloved inches closer to the roundest of psychological barriers many are expecting something big to toebijten. It is possible that wij’ll.

Asian Market Update – Tuesday: Cryptocurrencies extend rally, Asian stocks mixed on China woes

The big question: Will wij see bitcoin $Ten,000 today? Prices of main cryptocurrencies were ter a strong uptrend overnight and showcased signs of reaching fresh highs.

The Marijuana Index Is Up 54% This Month

Investors are getting high off marijuana stocks te anticipation of utter legalization ter Canada and several U.S. states. The marijuana investment universe lends itself well to.

Eerie Similarities Inbetween Crypto Market Cap and the Dow Jones

Very few charts are spil compelling spil the total market capitalization for cryptocurrencies. This elementary chart depicts the progress of one of the largest bull markets.

Daily Analysis: Stocks Levitate with All Eyes on Bitcoin

Monday Market Recap Asset Current Value Daily Switch S&,P 500 2599 -0.09% DAX 13000 -0.45% WTI Crude Oil 57.75 -0.62% GOLD 1294.00 0.41% Bitcoin 9759 Two.23%.

Likelihood of a U.S. Stock Market Correction Grows to 70%: Vanguard

The likelihood of a large-scale correction te U.S. stocks is on the rise, according to researchers at Vanguard Group. While there is always risk of a.

Technical Analysis: $Ten,000 and $500, Key Levels Ahead for Bitcoin and Ethereum

The broad rally te cryptocurrencies continued via the weekend, and the tide of the bull market lifted all ships this time, with all of the major.

Behind the Coin: Obsidian (ODN)

Today, I dreamed to voorkant a toneel that has bot flying under the radar. With a market cap of $11,809,673 and ranking 264th on CoinMarketCap, the.

Thesis Violating Out Stocks Opoffering Beautiful Comes back

The S&,P 500 Index (SPX) has eventually closed above the Two,600 resistance. This is good news for investors spil breach of that level supports our bullish.

Bitcoin is Close to Topping Out ter the Short-Term

Bitcoin is the toast of the town, with prices closing ter on the five-figure mark. At current prices, the rally has covered a fat distance ter.

Modern Pricing is Getting Aggressive

Overheen the weekend, the world’s dearest cryptocurrency has crossed a very significant milestone of $9,000 vanaf coin. It didn’t zekering there however and many speculate that.

Trade Recommendation: Stratis

This trading idea is based on a dual bullish divergence which gives us a trend reversal signal. Wij can attempt to join a fresh price movement.

Trade Recommendation: Ethereum

The price is near the possible reversal zone formed by SMA50, SMA100 and 0.046500 support level. RSI confirms price reversal. MACD histogram supports upward movement. DMI.

Global Cryptocurrency Market Hits $300 Billion

The cryptocurrency market reached fresh highs Monday, spil bitcoin and a handful of altcoins extended their record-setting surge. Global Cryptocurrency Market The combined value of all.

Asian Market Update – Monday: Bitcoin shoots for $Ten,000, Asian stocks te negative territory

The countdown to $Ten,000 has embarked. Prices of main cryptocurrencies surged Monday morning ter Asian trading, with bitcoin nearing ter on the $Ten,000 level that many.

Trade Recommendation: Buy IIN, PDVW, and ULH

The US stock markets continued their magnificent run last week. The S&,P 500 has violated above another critical level of 2600. The markets have bot so.

Litecoin Approaches Record High spil Investment Appeal Grows

Litecoin approached all-time highs overheen the weekend, spil the apparent surge ter bitcoin extended to the altcoin market. LTC/USD Price Levels LTC/USD reached a high of.

Bitcoin Prices Top $9,000 for the Very first Time spil Historic Rally Proceeds

Bitcoin’s record-setting surge continued overheen the weekend, spil prices topped $9,000 for the very first time everzwijn. The world’s no. 1 digital currency has bot on a.

ICO Analysis: Bankera

Pretty much every week now, a fresh startup comes out wanting to merge the traditional world of finance with blockchain. Usually, it’s to decentralize that area.

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