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What is cryptojacking?

“Private Digital Currency” designed for blockchain obfuscation.

Spil of this writing (July 7th, 2017) Monero wasgoed the 9th largest cryptocurrency by market cap at USD $668,237,283. This wasgoed omschrijving to 265,532 BTC or Two,718,157 ETH. Monero wasgoed priced at USD $45.32 vanaf coin with a circulating supply of 14,745,158 XMR.

Wij’re continuing today with the next punt te my series on cryptocurrencies. Spil I’ve stated before, I’m not a cryptographer or even a cryptocurrency trader. I’m a researcher and investor te the space where tech innovation leads to industrial disruption. I believe that cryptocurrencies represent the highest level of Fintech innovation, with the potential to disrupt not just financial services, but all sectors of all economies around the world. Spil such, I research cryptocurrencies te order to draw correlations to other innovations and disruptions te the hunt for superb investment opportunities.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, and I don’t project on being substituted by robots…, or becoming one.

How has Monero made it to the 9th top cryptocurrency?

Is there something that makes Monero special and unique, such that it should have lasting power spil cryptocurrency ICOs take overheen Wall Street? Further, does it seem that Monero is undervalued relative to its utility and its crypto cousins? Is the narrative, “Monero Four The Win” or “No Mo Monero?”

Introduction from the CryptoNote Whitepaper:

“Bitcoin has bot a successful implementation of the concept of p2p electronic contant. Both professionals and the general public have come to appreciate the convenient combination of public transactions and proof-of-work spil a trust proefje. Today, the user base of electronic metselspecie is growing at a constant rhythm, customers are attracted to low fees and the anonymity provided by electronic metselspecie and merchants value its predicted and decentralized emission.

Bitcoin has effectively proven that electronic metselspecie can be spil plain spil paper money and spil convenient spil credit cards.

Unluckily, Bitcoin suffers from several deficiencies…, Some critical flaws that cannot be motionless rapidly deter Bitcoin’s widespread propagation. Te such inflexible models, it is more efficient to roll-out a fresh project rather than perpetually fix the original.”

According to the Whitepaper, Bitcoin suffers from the following five drawbacks:

  1. Traceability of transactions
  2. The proof-of-work function
  3. Irregular emission
  4. Hardcoded constants
  5. Bulky scripts

Inject Monero…,

Wij’re digging into the organization’s webstek, forums, wiki pagina, and any other superb informatie sources that speelgoedpop up.

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