Altcoins – Thesis Hardware Wallets You Can Use To Store Altcoins

Hardware wallets are originally designed to store bitcoins, but many types are also compatible with altcoins. Altcoins are cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and most of them are based on a blockchain. Like bitcoins, altcoins have a real value and need to be protected against theft. The best way to do this is to buy a hardware wallet that is compatible with altcoins.

What is an altcoin?

Altcoins are cryptocurrencies that like Bitcoin are created with cryptography and mostly based on blockchain. Most of them are decentralized and open source. Altcoins are created to improve some characteristics that are not flawless te Bitcoin. The most famous altcoins are created for wise contracts or quick and anonymous transactions.


Ethereum is a podium based on it’s own blockchain and special designed for clever contracts. A brainy contract is a contract that executes itself ones certain conditions are proven by an input. Clever contracts are automated contracts where the rules are programmed ter advance.

Wise contracts have an enormous potential. Brainy contracts can cut a lotsbestemming of labour and prevent fraud. You can implement clever contracts ter almost every section. By programming of payments, it becomes possible that machines make or receive payments for certain services.

The Ethereum price has seen big gains since the beginning and further gains are very possible. Hardware wallets for Ethereum are Ledger, Trezor and Keepkey.

Dash is a cryptocurrency that is focused on anonymous and swift payments and governance. The community can vote about significant decisions for the currency and payments are almost instant and anonymously.

The price of Dash has risen explosively when Bitcoin wasgoed under the threat of a currency split because of the scaling debate. Some investors think that Dash will outperform Bitcoin on thesis points. However, it is significant to realize that Dash is still very puny compare to Bitcoin, measured ter market capitalization and transaction volume spil welnu. It will not be effortless for a puny cryptocurrency to ritme the network effect of Bitcoin.

Dash is a very interesting technology and further gains te price are very possible. Hardware wallets for Dash are Ledger, Trezor and Keepkey


Monero is a cryptocurrency purely focused on anonymous and untraceable transactions. Using ‘circle signatures’ it is not possible to track who sends and receives transactions. Because of this feature the dark web accepted Monero payments. After the dark web embarked accept Monero payments the price skyrocketed.

Monero can become the currency for the dark web. If this happens the price will rise much more. To meet the total transaction volume of the dark web, the price have to dual many times. Hardware wallets for monero are not yet available, when they are wij will mention it here.


Litecoin is a light version of Bitcoin with a quicker transaction time, but almost the same code. Litecoin has proven itself spil a testnet for Bitcoin code by implement Segwit earlier. Litecoin is also bot seen spil a digital silver where Bitcoin is digital gold.

It is possible that Litecoin be ahead of Bitcoin when it comes to updating of fresh technologies. This will strongly support the price. Hardware wallets for Litecoin are Ledger, Trezor and Keepkey.


Zcash is based on the same code spil Bitcoin, but is anonymus because of ‘zero knowlege signatures’. Zcash is developed by respected programmers and entered the market on a high price because of the hype. After a strong crash the price is reasonable stable and wij are waiting for the bull run.

Hardware wallets for Zcash are Ledger, Trezor and Keepkey.

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